Pool Leak Detection

While it is pretty common for a pools water levels to increase or decrease up to 2 inches a week depending on where you live, a leaking pool is always something to be weary of. A leaking pool can be the aftermath of a pool crack or faulty pool equipment. Leaking pools are expensive to fill, and consistently need maintenance. It can also cause pumps to burn out, raise the acidity levels of your swimming water and even make it unsafe to swim in. In order to ensure your pool stays full and remains clean and safe for family and friends to swim in, we advise checking for any common signs of a leaking pool. If you think your pool is leaking, give us a call at (561) 441-3190 or email us and ask about our pool leak detection services. Our pool leak detection is quick, reliable and safe on the pool and surrounding environment. We can easily access the pool and identify the source of the leak as well as provide pool maintenance to fix and prevent future leaks.