Maintain an Exceptional Pool

Count on the staff at Blue Fish Pool Services to provide you with amazing pool maintenance┬áservices. Our job isn’t finished until your pool looks just the way you want it. We are not limited to pool maintenance services; our business also does storm clean-ups, new plaster startups, equipment repairs, installations, and sells pool products. Call us at (561) 441-3190 to make an appointment for our pool services today.


Full Pool Service

Full pool services are available when you want a completely carefree swimming pool. This service includes 7-point chemical check and balance, water skimming, tile cleaning, removing the scum line and pool equipment inspection services. Our staff also brushes the pool walls and floors, empties skimmer and pump baskets, and provides monthly filter cartridge cleaning services. Weekly services are available.


Chemical-Only Services

Blue Fish Pool Services offers chemical-only pool services when you want to take care of the cleaning yourself, but don’t like making the endless trips to the pool store. The chemical services include 7-point chemical check and balance, skimmer and pump basket cleaning, pool equipment inspection, and monthly filter cartridge and backwash cleaning services.